Royal College of Art : MA Degree Show 2019


28.06.2019 - 07.07.2019

Royal College of Art, 1 Hester Road, London

The Royal College of Art graduate show will take place in late June, simultaneously across a variety of internal and external venues. Show 2019 offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the very best of emerging contemporary art and design practice. Over 800 art and design postgraduate students will present work of exceptional quality, imagination and technical skill, exhibiting design solutions to pressing global problems alongside fine art that informs and enriches our worldview. The RCA exhibitions are free, with much of the work for sale or commission – ranging from paintings to prints, glassware to jewellery and furniture to textiles.











The Other Side of the Moon (4482-2019)

27.03.2019 - 31.03.2019

Bargehouse Gallery, OXO Tower, London UK

4482-2019; The Other Side of the Moon Voices of Contemporary Artists from Korea and the UK Our world is filled with parallel matters whose values are often created by comparison and contradiction. Your fortune might be related to someone else’s misfortune. Wealth and poverty can co-exist within a society, yet the two are distant from each other. We often find comfort and/or despair within our own juxtaposed world. The other side of our world gets dismissed perhaps too often by ourselves, like the flip side of the coin and the darker side of the Moon.

4482-2019: The Other Side of the Moon showcases exciting artworks by over 30 UK-based Korean contemporary artists who investigate such contradictions and juxtapositions, the familiar and/or alien aspects of our world through their thought-provoking artworks. Their voices are collected, shared and presented as diverse dialogues through six powerful quotations;











Terminal O

18.03.2019 - 23.03.2019

Horse Hospital Gallery, London UK

Terminal O is a clinically tender compost pile of analysis and desire. It is also a group exhibition of 18 Contemporary Art Practice students from the Royal College of Art. Shapeshifting between geometry and orgasm, caught in the temporal glitch of a stillborn political momentum, Terminal O traces familiar and unfamiliar patterns of sense-making until it bites its own tail. 

With work by:

Gabriella Davies, Genevieve Leong, Léonie Sinden, Name Surname, George Wong Yung Choon, Vinona Joneska, Andrea Khôra, JeeMin Kim, Dasha Loyko, Céline Manz & Jakob Warmenbol, John Henry Newton, Marijn Ottenhof, Ralph Pritchard, Flo Ray, Károly Tendl, Viviana Troya, Xiaoran Wu, TaeGyeong Yoon

Curated by Dasha Loyko, Andrea Khôra, Károly Tendl














Bodies in Movement

01.02.2019 - 28.02.2019

Curated by LoosenArt, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy

Within the exhibition, open for the whole month of February (1-28 February 2019, Monday-Friday 9 am – 6 pm), we can unavoidably notice references to chronophotography, performative dance as well as a ‘Duchamp-taste’. Where black & white nudities are immediately associated to Francesca Woodman or Robert Mapplethorpe, strong chromatic contrasts and blurry figures clearly recall Francis Bacon’s paintings. But the exhibition does not exclusively pay homage to the past: themes and poses, iconographies and compositions have an undoubtable modern twist, showing bodies, colours and compositions able to renew the tradition and talk to the post-modern time. In this context, the body – whether hidden or shown, metaphoric or poetic – is not ‘just’ movement, life. It encounters the identity discourse, for example, arising a dialogue about gender, origin, identity as the definition of ourselves, expression of our body, self-esteem. Hic et nunc, here and now.

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